Cosmin TRG - In Your Body / Kapotasana

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  • Over the last few years, Cosmin Nicolae has been cultivating Fizic, the label he launched as a self-contained platform (or environment) where his music and photography could coexist. Those records have so far developed a dark, explorative style of techno that commands your attention. If they come flooding through the club's speakers, Nicolae's highly detailed tracks will likely make you stop what you're doing and lean in for a closer listen. In Your Body / Kapotasana, for his newly minted Sportiv label, sees Nicolae return to the dance floor-first work of his pre-Fizic period, only without the bright sheen. Both tunes are heavyweight, functional and possibly the most pared-down Cosmin TRG material to date, especially "Kapotasana." There are some eccentricities in that track's details, but they're not the main event. "In Your Body" is playful with its mock gym instructions, but, save for the vocals, it sounds robust and deadly serious. It's cheeky, a quality that often defines big-room bombs. Sportiv may want to be more accessible than Fizic, and that's no bad thing.
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      A In Your Body B Kapotasana