Cosmin TRG - Oblic / Serpenti

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  • The fourth release on Cosmin TRG's Fizic label doesn't seem surprising: two impeccably crafted techno tracks with a taste for atmospheric sound design. And yet something about Oblic / Serpenti feels lighter—maybe even brighter—than what the Berlin-based producer has released recently. Whereas, say, Fizic02 favored steamroller grooves and laser-blast synths, it's more about sprightly movement and cosmic shimmer here. The airy spaciousness in "Serpenti" gives Cosmin's loose arrangement a mystical quality (Objekt's queasy atmospheres come to mind), and "Oblic"'s bubbly skip is about as attractive a rhythm as they come. Though restrained, this 12-inch doesn't skimp on dance floor functionality. The B-side can do what it will with texture and effects because of the steady 4/4 below. The A-side works itself into a cosmic shimmy until about halfway through, when a rolling bassline lights a fire under its feet. It's a big moment that'll stoke any tasteful techno set, but Cosmin tantalizingly keeps what could be explosive energy under wraps. Oblic / Serpenti is an ideal blend of propulsion and abstraction, and an exciting step forward for such a seasoned artist.
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      A Oblic B Serpenti