Cosmin TRG - Fizic02

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  • There's been nearly a year's wait between Fizic02 and 01, the two-tracker with which Cosmin TRG inaugurated his label, Fizic. But little has changed in the interim. Cosmin Nicolae remains focused on a style of techno that puts nuanced soundcraft and angular composition above all else. If anything, his latest 12-inch manages to further strip down already bare-bones arrangements, filling out the extra space with a cacophonous blend of distortion and reverb. From the onslaught of deadly kicks in "Uzura" to the scorched synth blast opening "Vitriol," every sound on Fizic02 is meant to rattle you. "Uzura" assails relentlessly from above, showering its death and destruction like a steam-powered bomber, while "Vitriol" lumbers over the rubble like a tank hunting survivors. And yet despite the sheer intensity of Nicolae's productions, his craft isn't lost in the scuffle. The modular tones are textured and cutting, the drum patterns efficient and forceful, and each effect calibrated and deployed to serve the sound design. If it wasn't already clear, it should be now: Cosmin TRG has mechanized techno down to a science.
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      A1 Uzura A2 Vitriol