Cosmin TRG - FIZIC01

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  • Given that Cosmin Nicolae has worked his deep techno alchemy for some of the great and good of the genre—Hessle Audio, Hemlock, Rush Hour, 50 Weapons—it's surprising that he's taken so long to launch his own label. He pushes Fizic down the slipway with two trademark dark, witching-hour jams. The nature of "Repetitiv" is given away by its title; it settles into a groove early and sticks there, a relentless industrial-leaning rumble carved out of energetic, brawny kicks, eccentric chimes and a quivering loop. Towards the end, the Romanian producer ratchets up the tension by introducing eerie, Lalo Schiffrin-style chords. It's oppressive, but gratifyingly so. It's not a huge leap from "Repetitiv" to "Vernacular", which is built on a crackling percussive loop and hi-hats that sizzle and spit like they're being tossed around in a saucepan. This is finely crafted, richly textured techno.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Repetitiv B1 Vernacular