Kink - Valentine's Groove

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  • KiNK's first record of the year is a two-track house single as classic as they come. After a few slick but ultimately uninspiring records in 2015, Valentine's Groove puts some soul back into the Bulgarian artist's bangers. The title track is worth the price of admission alone: fat, punchy and strutting with gusto, it has a swelling trajectory that'll send most dance floors into a tizzy. By the time the sharp string stabs emerge from the background and the filters open on KiNK's full-bodied chords, anyone with a taste for the club's simple pleasures will have already fallen in love with this groove. "Strings" echoes the energy of "Valentine's Groove," albeit with less pizazz. It explores the downcast end of dance music with some necessary depth. The tender string section feels organic and nuanced, the three-note bassline plays it cool until subtly showing some teeth near the end, and the basic beat has just enough swing to not feel plodding. "Strings" won't give dance floors the adrenalin shot of "Valentine's Groove," but it should keep everyone on their feet all the same.
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      A Valentine's Groove B Strings