KiNK - Fantasia

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  • A number of artists come to mind when listening to "Fantasia," KiNK's new single for Pets Recordings. The track's motorik 4/4 and insistent bassline, an acid-touched arpeggio that wriggles and swells, place the music in the realm of mid-'00s DFA fare—The Juan Maclean, Shit Robot, Gavin Russom—which, of course, can be linked back to disco innovator Giorgio Moroder. With the addition of a short, breathy vocal appearance from Bulgarian singer Rachel Row, who has regularly collaborated with KiNK since 2008, "Fantasia" is almost like a tech house tribute to Donna Summer's Moroder-produced "I Feel Love." But where that classic floats on weightless melodies and ascendant chord changes, KiNK's track only grows more aggressive and psychedelic as it churns in place. The original's percussive, peak-hour sensibilities are muted considerably on Truncate's sturdy remix, giving it an anxious feeling of combustion kept just below boiling point. The result is deep techno that feels like it's holding something back, until the LA producer drops loud-smacking claps over his relentless kick pattern. Between the two tracks, KiNK's new 12-inch offers plenty of reliable dance floor fodder, but little in the way of stylistic refinement.
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      01. Fantasia 02. Fantasia (Truncate Remix)