KiNK vs Elektro Guzzi ‎– Atlas / Vodolaz Versions

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  • KiNK and Elektro Guzzi are long-established live techno acts. Their approaches might seem polarised to some: KiNK orchestrates a bank of small controllers and portable keyboards, while Elektro Guzzi, a trio who resemble a rock band on stage, use guitars and drums as well as analogue equipment. As performers, though, their styles overlap. I've seen KiNK swing a synth like a fretboard; Elektro Guzzi, on the other hand, can play with reserved, hypnotic precision, like a drum machine's circuitry made flesh. Both remixes here are amped-up versions of the originals. What's surprising is that it wasn't only KiNK who turned the dial clockwise: Elektro Guzzi's remix of "Vodolaz," a track from KiNK's Under Construction album, swaps the original's icy broken beat for a metronomic 4/4 smack. Airy synths and scraps of modular sound orbit and expand around a crunchy electronic bassline like a cloud of gas. It swells euphorically before the song gently reverts back to its bare rhythm. KiNK's overhaul of "Atlas" is a growling, thumping house record splashed in organs and atmospheric synth. It submerges the original's brighter chords in a milky formula of reverb and delay, but otherwise closely matches the original mood. Whatever their creators' differences, both tracks share an energy that dance floors will connect with easily.
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      A1 Elektro Guzzi - Atlas (KiNK Mix) B1 KiNK - Vodolaz (Elektro Guzzi Version)