KiNK - Cloud Generator

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  • There's a certain type of tenderness that shapes a lot of the Running Back catalogue. Whether we're talking about the fibrous hum of Theo Parrish's Hand Made, or the porcelain-coated melodies on Telephones' The Ocean Called, a loose thread of soft timbres ties these records together. That goes some way to explaining why Cloud Generator, KiNK's debut on Gerd Janson's label, is described by Janson as "music for big rooms, wide eyes and small brains." That may not sound too flattering, but in the spirit of Cloud Generator's directness, there aren't many better ways to explain it. The "Breakbeat Mix" of "Pocket Piano" has the potency of nostalgia, although the same sense of joy is in the original thanks to the arpeggio the two versions share. "Diversion" taps into a more recent past. Its insistent, ravey chord progression loosely mimics KiNK's 2010 track "Existence," until it takes a hard left into guttural bass stabs and hissing hi-hats. "Cloud Generator" is, by a shade, the deepest thing here, but its Reese bassline and cascading melody—at times as urgent as a fire alarm—mean that it's just as giddy as the rest.
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      A1 Cloud Generator A2 Diversion B1 Pocket Piano B2 Pocket Piano (Breakbeat Mix)