Nuits Sonores launches new Dance To Act! programme

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  • The Lyon festival's new "festive yet reflective daytime event" combines music, activism and art.
  • Nuits Sonores launches new Dance To Act! programme image
  • Nuits Sonores has announced a new daytime programme for its 2020 festival called Dance To Act! Running May 21st to 23rd at the Lyon festival in partnership with European Lab, Dance To Act! will address critical social issues through an artistic perspective. Each of the three days explores its own theme: electronic music's response to the climate crisis (21st), a celebration of queer culture (22nd) and "an interrogation of the socio-political dimension of the dance floor in territories such as Iran, Kazakhstan and Georgia" (23rd). The themes will be explored with discussion, workshops and live interviews across three venues (H7, Heat and Hotel71), in addition to DJ sets from the likes of Sama, Darwin, Tommy Four Seven, Sote, Kampire and a back-to-back from SPFDJ and Héctor Oaks. Learn more about the events on the Nuits Sonores website. These acts join the previously announced lineup of curators along with the extended daytime and nighttime programmes. The festival proper runs May 19th to the 24th. Read our Five Key Performances review of Nuits Sonores 2019.