Rrose and Silent Servant team up for seventh Air Texture compilation

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  • The next instalment in the label's collaborative series features unreleased tracks by Surgeon, Laurel Halo, Octo Octa, Phase Fatale, Luke Slater and more.
  • Rrose and Silent Servant team up for seventh Air Texture compilation image
  • Rrose and Silent Servant have collaborated on the seventh Air Texture mixed compilation. Rrose curates the first disc, which features unreleased tracks from Anthony Child (AKA Surgeon), Ron Morelli, Laurel Halo, Octo Octa, Laetitia Sonami and Charlemagne Palestine, among others. Silent Servant's second disc includes exclusives by Phase Fatale, Luke Slater and Function. Both artists, who are longtime friends and collaborators, have also contributed their own tracks. The sculpture featured on the cover art was made by the German minimalist artist Charlotte Posenenske, titled Vierkantrohre Serie DW, 1967 - 2016. Posenenske's work focused on systems and structures derived from mass production and standardization. "I make series because I do not want to make single pieces for individuals, in order to have elements combinable within a system, in order to make something which is repeatable, objective, and… economical," she said in an artist statement in 1968. "[The pieces] are decreasingly recognizable as 'artworks.' The objects should have the objective character of industrial products. The former categorization of the arts no longer exists." The previous, sixth Air Texture compilation was released in October 2018, handled by Steffi and Martyn. In 2019, Air Texture launched a compilation series spotlighting national scenes, with editions highlighting Colombia, Georgia, and The Netherlands. Seth Horvitz's debut album as Rrose, called Hymn To Moisture, arrived in November last year. Listen to Rrose's mix.
    Tracklist Disc 1: Rrose 01. Anthony Child - Forced Compliance Behavior, Decision-Making And Effort 02. Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - 8th Continent In 5 Dimensions 03. Maggi Payne - In The Night Sky 04. Lucrecia Dalt - Raw Pyrit 05. Rrose and James Fei - For Bass Clarinet 8.97 (Rrose Version) 06. Ron Morelli - Psychic Harms Of Economic Deprivation 07. Laurel Halo - Dies Ist Ein 08. Octo Octa - Hallway Visions 09. Abul Mogard - Stumbling Oscillations 10. AGF - HUM-iliTY 11. Laetitia Sonami - Migration 1978 (excerpt) 12. Charlemagne Palestine - drruuhhnnn innn duhh mooooohhnnn Disc 2: Silent Servant 01. Nen - 4R3 02. Luke Slater - When It Twists 03. Mara - Rebellion 04. Not Waving - Human Disfunction 05. Pod Blotz - Volatile Stillness 06. Silent Servant - New World 07. JS Aurelius - Complex Spectral Necr0scillator 08. Id Meridian - Guilty And Pure 09. DVA DAMAS - Dance Song (This Is Not A) 10. Collin Gorman Weiland - Cathodic Heart 11. Phase Fatale - Nightmare in LA 12. Hive Mind - Golden Digest 13. June and An-i - Afterlife 14. Function - Zahlensender (ssb) Air Texture will release Air Texture VII on February 15th, 2020. Photo credit: Camille Blake