Full details emerge of Jeff Mills's new album, Planets

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  • It's coming out on Blu-ray and CD in March.
  • Full details emerge of Jeff Mills's new album, Planets image
  • Jeff Mills has revealed full details of his next record, Planets, which arrives on Axis Records next month. In January Mills teased details of the project, an "electronic classical" concept album paying tribute to Gustav Holst's 1916 score, The Planets. The finishing touches on Mills's album were made in 2016 at Abbey Road Studios in London. The CD version of Planets contains nine tracks. There will also be a Blu-ray version, which Axis Records describes as "an 18-piece suite that explores the nine planets, including the portions of space in between the planets, the nine regions Mills calls Loop Transits." This June, Mills will hold a four-date residency at The Barbican in London, which includes the UK debut of his Planets show. Watch a new video teaser for Planets.
    Listen to the 2014 RA Exchange with Mills.
    Tracklist 01. Mercury 02. Venus 03. Earth 04. Mars 05. Jupiter 06. Saturn 07. Uranus 08. Neptune 09. Pluto Axis Records will release Planets on March 24th, 2017.