Terrence Dixon backs crowdfunding effort for new Detroit club

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  • The Motor City favorite hopes to see Minimal Detroit Lounge open in May, with Juan Atkins confirmed as a resident DJ.
  • Terrence Dixon backs crowdfunding effort for new Detroit club image
  • Terrence Dixon is throwing his weight behind a potential new club in Detroit. The prospective Minimal Detroit Lounge gets its name from a series of Detroit-focused house and techno groups Dixon initially started on Facebook, and it was conceived out of a desire to give the city's own DJs a proper club, from top to bottom, to play at. To that effect, Dixon has helped launch a crowdfunding initiative at GoFundMe. In a statement supporting the plan, he says this: "Today, sadly, Detroit's own artists have to perform abroad in order to have a career in music, because there is currently not a single club dedicated to this style of electronic music." On Facebook, he elaborates, saying the plan is for the venue to be "a pillar in Detroit for years to come ... We have Juan Atkins confirmed as a resident DJ, we will bring in such acts like Thomas Fehlmann, DJ Pierre, Paul Leighton Johnson, Jeff Mills, Claude Young Jr., Richie Hawtin etc. We want to hire [longtime audio guru] Michael Fotias to build us an in-house sound system [and] we want to work with everybody in Detroit." An opening day for the venue has already been set, just under two months from now: May 23rd, presumably in time for Movement festival weekend. Check out the crowdfunding effort here. There's recently been a few other moves regarding dance-focused venues in Detroit, which emerged from a historic municipal bankruptcy late last year. A new venue called Populux will be opening in the former Magic Stick space next month, and Dimitri Hegemenn, owner of the stalwart Tresor club in Berlin, is eager to turn one of the city's abandoned auto factories into a club and cultural center.