Thammudu & Mishti - Matters Of Ascension

  • More amorphous music from the excellent London label.
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  • TT has a knack for releasing unclassifiable music by new artists in a way that makes a lasting impression—consider object blue, Organ Tapes or 8ULENTINA, who all released early music through the London label. If you liked the last couple of releases from Ans M and Joanna Pope, then you'll probably like TT's latest pluck from the ether. Thammudu & Mishti are a Translatlantic duo making exactly the sort of amorphous and arresting music the label specializes in. Matters Of Ascension is based on concepts that you can't really hear, save the distorted reading of anti-colonial poetry on "The Fiery Wheel." But you don't need to know about the ideas behind the EP to appreciate the music. The duo's sounds are fuzzy, loose and full of bold textures: a bassline that swoons like a cello, a near-constant muttering and lip-smacking. The highlight is "Body Negativity," a broken-beat cut whose high-pitched screeches and thick, corrugated textures sound like they're trying to destroy themselves. Beneath all the noise is a graceful sway and a poignant melody.
  • Tracklist
      01. New Moon 02. Body Negativity 03. Arrest The Whole Mind 04. The Fiery Wheel 05. Divine Offering 06. From Earth To Heaven