Object Blue - Do You Plan To End A Siege?

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  • On her debut EP, Do You Plan To End A Siege?, Rena Minegishi comes at experimental club music from a sound design perspective. She's not alone in this. Releases from crews like Nostro Hood System and Infinite Machine tend to spotlight gleaming surfaces and larger-than-life textures. The opening track, "Even In You," is a scribble of trebly hi-hats, gasps and background disturbances, occasionally punctuated by a kick drum. Chaotic but measured, its left-turns are thrilling. "Act Like It Then" continues where "Even In You" leaves off. A Cardi B sample roars and repeats in ballroom style, but with none of that genre's elasticity. Instead, Minegishi floats random percussive fills with drums that sound like the flutter of insects. Spoken-word Mandarin in "Act Like It Then" and the quiet gasps on "Even In You" offer a sensuous shred of humanity in the music's otherwise scrambled grid, which comes to fruition on the swinging "Cerco De Deus." There are drum sounds that jiggle and cascade, as if they were being shaken off by the kick. It's a touch of the organic in a musical world that otherwise feels like alien terrain.
  • Tracklist
      01. Even In You 02. Act Like It Then 03. Cerco De Deus