Ans M - Petrichor

  • An exciting new artist appears on a shapeshifting label, blending breaks, grainy noise and euphoric harmonies.
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  • The London label TT (fka Tobago Tracks) has an easygoing approach to curation. Its pool of artists are only vaguely connected in terms of genre. As label heads Gribs and DJ Pitch told Texture Magazine, TT "brings artists into alignment with each other, who otherwise might not meet." The label also specialises in releasing music from artists at the beginning of their careers. Ans M is the latest addition to the roster. Petrichor seems inspired by, rather than made for, the club. She stitches together growling dubstep basslines, gritty beats and hazy textures. Her tracks seem to constantly morph and shift in tempo and meter. The climactic "Blue Celeste" is the highlight, hiding euphoric harmonies and breaks behind grainy noise. It feels collage-like, thrown together and a little unpolished, but it's full of interesting ideas—exactly the combination that makes TT an exciting label.
  • Tracklist
      01. Dust Devils 02. Haptic Wetness On Your Waterproof Skin 03. Storm Seeding 04. Blue Celeste