All Inn reveals commemorative ten-year anniversary compilation, X

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  • It features tracks from the likes of Nastia and Afriqua, as well as label managers Polarize, Giovanni Verrina and Coldfish.
  • All Inn reveals commemorative ten-year anniversary compilation, X image
  • Budapest-via-Transylvania label All Inn will celebrate ten years with a new compilation, X. The 16-track, four-vinyl compilation features the likes of Nastia, Afriqua and Roustam, as well as label managers Polarize (AKA Pola), Verrina (in collaboration with Ventura) and Coldfish. All Inn and its sublabels—All Inn Black, All Inn Limited and Nilla—have released nearly 80 records over the past decade, and the compilation features tracks from label regulars as well as newcomers. The label is also in the process of setting up a ten-year commemorative tour, with planned stops in London, Paris, Cluj Napoca, Budapest, Berlin and more. Revisit Carlos Hawthorn's 2018 feature on Nastia. Listen to "Yellow" by Pola.
    Tracklist A1 Arkajo - Wow, Acid A2 Ohm & Octal Industries - Dinner B1 Pola - Yellow B2 Jaffa Surfa - Maneuvers C1 Traumer - Spacta C2 Verrina & Ventura - Jeebers D1 Roustam - Documenta Love D2 Rayo - Zliva E1 Afriqua - Suture E2 Coldfish - 30122011 F1 Befog - Lucid Dreams F2 Topper - Any Even Sunday G1 Nastia - Slow-Motion Trip G2 Yate - Oslo H1 Noha - Lyrata H2 Ivano Tetelepta & Roger Gerressen - Freakin' Noise All Inn will release X on October 22nd, 2019. Photo credit: Camille Blake