Four Tet releases new track, 'Dreamer'

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  • It's Kieran Hebden's third release of the year, following "Teenage Birdsong."
  • Four Tet releases new track, 'Dreamer' image
  • Four Tet has just revealed his latest track. "Dreamer" is his third new song of the year, following on from "Teenage Birdsong." Kieran Hebden posted Spotify and Bandcamp links to the track on Twitter today, after sharing news that he's curated a party for Warehouse Project's upcoming season in Manchester. Hebden is set to headline and play back-to-back with Skrillex, again, on October 26th. Earlier this year, Hebden released his long-teased Nelly Furtado-sampling track, "Only Human." He also contributed three new pieces to accompany Anna Liber Lewis's show at the London's Elephant West gallery, though those have not been released to the public. Listen to "Dreamer."
    Watch the clip for "Teenage Birdsong"—his first music video in 14 years.
    "Dreamer" is out now on Text Records. Photo credit: Rikard Österlund

    • Sat, Oct 26, 2019

      Curated by Four Tet

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