KH - Only Human

  • Four Tet's secret weapon finally gets an official release.
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  • How many artists could make a simple club banger like "Question" and also craft a soul-stirring warbler like "Two Thousand And Seventeen"? Four Tet's secret, partly, is having an incredible ear for a tune. When it comes to his clubbier tracks, this often means finding the perfect sample. As countless house, hip-hop and jungle producers have shown over the years, that's half the battle. "Only Human," the latest Hebden weapon under his KH alias, is a prime example. The story goes like this: he heard Nelly Furtado's 2006 track "Afraid," which the record generously samples, playing in the kitchen. He made a dance floor edit that same day. Soon, Hebden, Ben UFO, Midland, Peggy Gou and a handful of others were playing it to packed audiences, sending online ID groups into a tizz. Because of its popularity, Hebden decided to release it, calling on Ministry Of Sound's industry muscle to make it happen. "Only Human" is a big tune with mass appeal, but you can believe it was made in a few hours. A catchy-as-hell vocal passage is sped up, looped repeatedly and strapped to a bulky yet agile beat. Soft synth flickers add a slightly smoky atmosphere. It's simple, maybe even rudimentary, but hugely effective. The people have spoken: it's a hit.
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      01. Only Human