Behringer announces Crave, a $199 semi-modular synthesiser

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  • It combines features found on some of Behringer's clones into a Eurorack-compatible package.
  • Behringer announces Crave, a $199 semi-modular synthesiser image
  • Behringer is releasing a new analogue, semi-modular synthesiser called Crave. While the budget manufacturer has received attention for its growing fleet of cut-price clones of classic electronic instruments, Crave appears to be a new desktop design that condenses features from other synthesisers at a $199 price point. Thanks to a row of patch points, Crave can communicate with Eurorack gear and CV-compatible hardware while USB connectivity is on hand for syncing with computers. Its 3340 VCO oscillator is the same found on Dave Smith's Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 and Pro-One, which Behringer recently cloned, and the Moog-style ladder filter is taken from the Behringer D, a remake of the Minimoog. The arpeggiator/sequencer meanwhile is similar to Behringer's MS-101, which mimics Roland's SH-101 synth. Gate length, glide time and ratcheting can be set per step and you control tempo, reset, hold and transport via trigger and CV signals. The sequencer can store eight banks of eight sequencers measuring up to 32 steps. The announcement follows last week's news that Behringer's take on the Roland TR-808 would be out in March and retail for $299. Watch a demo of Crave.