Glastonbury's Beat Hotel unveils new festival in Marakkech

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  • Hunee and Andrew Weatherall will play alongside Moroccan acts like Master Musicians of Joujouka at the Fellah Hotel in March.
  • Glastonbury's Beat Hotel unveils new festival in Marakkech image
  • Glastonbury venue Beat Hotel will travel to Marrakech, Morocco for a wide-ranging festival going down at the Fellah Hotel, March 28th through 31st. In heading to Morocco, the Beat Hotel, a well-loved club at Glastonbury since 2011, follows in the footsteps of its namesake, the beat writers that found inspiration in the region. It includes performances by long-standing Moroccan group Master Musicians of Joujouka, who William S. Burroughs described as a "4000-year-old rock and roll band." James Holden, meanwhile, performs with gnawa master Maalem Houssam Guinia. A number of DJs, such as Gerd Janson, Hunee, Mafalda, Job Jobse, HAAi and Gilles Peterson, will also appear as part of the four-day festival's programming. The bill also includes UK and US acts who have taken a serious interest in African music, such as Auntie Flo and Awesome Tapes From Africa. Andrew Weatherall DJs and participates in Beat Hotel Marrakech's literary component, a series of talks and Q&As also featuring Irvine Welsh and David Keenan. Check out the full lineup and ticket information in the event listing below.