Moog reveals new flagship polysynth, the Moog One

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    Mon, 1 Oct 2018, 11:31
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  • It's the company's most powerful synth since the beloved Voyager.
  • Moog reveals new flagship polysynth, the Moog One image
  • Moog is releasing a new synthesiser. Announced via a blog post from Sweetwater, the Moog One is the company's first polyphonic instrument in over 30 years, and appears to be a successor to the legendary Memorymoog. Essentially three polysynths in one package, it will be available in eight- and 16-voice versions. The tri-timbral architecture allows you to stack, split and layer up to 48 oscillators across a 61-key Fatar keyboard. Each voice has three VCOs, separate state variable and Ladder filters, four LFOs, three envelopes and a noise source. The oscillators are capable of FM and hard sync and their waveshapes can be mixed. In addition to effects like vocoding, bit reduction and chorus, Eventide has supplied a set of reverbs that can assigned per voice or to the master buss. Every layer or timbre has its own arpeggiator and sequencer plus chord memory and ring modulation. Like the Voyager, there is a pressure-sensitive X/Y pad and a host of ins and outs for CV and gate signals. There are also four insert inputs for connecting external processors and space for thousands of presets. Moog stopped production of the Voyager back in 2015 and has since focussed on semi-modular designs like the DFAM, Mother-32 and the Grandmother. There is currently only one official image of the Moog One, which is being hosted by Sweetwater.
    The Moog One eight-voice will retail for $5999 while the 16-voice version goes for $7999.