Moog reveals new limited edition semi-modular analogue synthesiser, Grandmother

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    Mon, May 14, 2018, 10:31
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  • The instrument is based on Moog's original module designs with a '60s and '70s look.
  • Moog reveals new limited edition semi-modular analogue synthesiser, Grandmother image
  • Moog is releasing a new, semi-modular synthesiser called Grandmother. The monophonic analogue design is inspired by the sound and build of Moog's original modules. For instance, the mixer is based on the CP3 module (known for its asymmetrical clipping) while the filter follows the 904A, the basis of Moog's classic ladder filter. It's a semi-modular instrument, which means you can make sounds without patching, reroute the signal path and connect with other instruments. The visual aesthetic is also inspired by the '60s and '70s period, featuring large panels, well-spaced knobs and touches of colour. The sound engine is based on two oscillators capable of pulse-width modulation, linear FM and sync. After passing through the filter, the signal reaches a VCA based on the 902 module and a 905-inspired spring reverb. There's also a pair of envelopes, a modulation oscillator, arpeggiator and sequencer. The Grandmother is set to be launched at Moogfest. Moogfest attendees can buy one onsite for $899 along with a bonus denim jacket. Another new instrument, the Subharmonicon, is also debuting at the festival. Watch a short film about the Grandmother.

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