Jeff Mills guest edits new issue of BORSHCH magazine

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  • The music magazine features interviews with Mills collaborators, Dasha Rush and a planetary scientist.
  • Jeff Mills guest edits new issue of BORSHCH magazine image
  • Jeff Mills is the guest editor of the new issue of BORSHCH magazine. This latest edition focuses on ideas about outer space, particularly human expansion into space, as well as what "fragile human beings and machine music addicts can expect in the technology-driven future." The magazine has an interview with fellow techno artist Dasha Rush, plus discussions with poet jessica Care moore, director Jacqueline Caux and actor Akaji Maro, all of whom have collaborated with Mills, along with planetary scientist and inventor Kelly Snook. The previous two issues of the electronic music-focused BORSHCH magazine have featured the likes of Gudrun Gut, Steffi, Perc, Fatima Al Qadiri, Robert Henke and more. Mills has records two records on the way: one with Tony Allen and another with his jazz fusion band Spiral Deluxe.