Timedance to release first compilation, Patina Echoes

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  • The label's first full-length includes tracks by a mix of familiar names, including rRoxymore and Bruce, and little-known artists such as Cleyra and Rae.
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  • Timedance is releasing its first compilation, Patina Echoes. The UK label, run by Batu, describes it as "a mission statement of a younger generation driving to create forward thinking, exciting electronic music." The compilation will be out on vinyl and digital May 25th. A 12-inch sampler with tracks by rRoxymore, Bruce and Chekov will come out on May 11th. "A lot of the younger producers I was working with had some recurring themes and concepts running through their music," said Batu of what inspired the compilation's focus on newer artists. "I wasn't particularly bothered about using my own music on it because I felt that this was more about showcasing other peoples'." Listen to ?rRoxymore's "bRINGTHEbRAVE."
    Tracklist ?01. ?Cleyra - Naked ?02. ?rRoxymore- bRINGTHEbRAVE ?03. ?Chekov - Stasis 113 ?04. ?Via Maris - Side Effects ?05. ?Simo Cell - Consider The Internet ?06. ?Rae - Sleep Rotation ?07. ?Metrist - Auld Flaurist ?08. ?Bruce - Let's Make The Most Of Our Time Here ?09. ?Neinzer - Horus ?10. ?Nico - Soft Opening ?11. Ploy - =O Timedance will release Patina Echoes on May 25th, 2018. Photo credit: Tonje Thilesen