Scuba mixes fabric 90

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  • The latest instalment in the long-running series arrives in the wake of the club losing its license.
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  • Scuba, AKA Paul Rose, has mixed fabric 90. Rose looks to techno on fabric 90, which is due out on October 21st. The Berlin-based producer, whose beginnings are in drum & bass and dubstep, splices together more than 40 tracks on the mix, drawing upon work from Ricardo Villalobos, Donato Dozzy, Pearson Sound and Marco Shuttle. A Ben Klock track from 2006, released on BPitch Control, also makes an appearance. The announcement arrives almost two weeks on from Islington Council's decision to revoke fabric's license, triggering backlash from right across the electronic music community. A press release sent out with the mix explains that Rose was the last person to play at the club on August 6th, just before it was voluntarily closed by management following the death of two clubbers. Rose will donate all proceeds from the mix to the #saveourculture campaign raising money for fabric's legal costs. We caught up with Rose for a chat about his new mix.
    Obviously this mix comes at at tough time for fabric. What has the club meant to you over the years? I first went to the club in the few weeks after it opened. As a member of the audience it was a special place for me, especially in Room 2 on Fridays. As a DJ it's been Room 1 on Saturdays that I've really connected with. A key part of my development as a DJ was moving from playing on Fridays to Saturdays, that was an important symbolic step. As DJ booths go, Room 1 is extremely hard to beat and the fact that you're really close to the crowd but also separated by the grille that goes around the booth makes playing there quite a unique DJing experience. It's like being in a spaceship flying through a sea of people. Do you think the London club can/will recover? I really hope so. It seems like the reasons behind the closure don't have much to do with the official explanation and I'm optimistic that if the issue is put before a more impartial body then there'll be a favourable outcome. Was there any specific idea or approach behind the mix? I've done a lot of studio mixes since my last commercially available CD in 2011 and I've approached them all in the same way I would DJ in a club, which is also how I did my SUB:STANCE and DJ-Kicks CDs. So for this I wanted to do something a bit different, the details of which I don't think it's really necessary to go into. Let's just say it'll be obvious to anyone listening to it that it wasn't done on three decks and a mixer. Did the club itself influence the direction or sound of the mix? Not really, and obviously that would've been different had I known what was going to be going on now when I put it together. That said, it's a club mix and fabric is a real club. So it still makes sense I think.
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    Tracklist 01.1 Digitaline – Astronauten 01.2 Patrick Cowley – Uhura 02.1 Dense & Pika – Crackling 02.2 DXC - Qua Ðêm 02.3 Justin Cudmore - Crystal (Mike Servito’s 730 Reshape) 03.1 Nathan Melja - Make Rekkurds 03.2 G-Man – Fuchsia 03.3 Exercise One & Donato Dozzy - People Of Paprika 03.4 Dense & Pika - Mooger Fooger 04.1 Regis & Antonym - Simple Radical Practice 04.2 Blursome – Night 05.1 Ben Klock - Point Blank 05.2 Carl Craig - Demented Drums 06.1 Miss Fitz – Menternal (Villalobos In the Pipe Mix) 06.2 Alleged Witches - One Skilled In The Black Arts 007 Isaac Reuben - sas1711 08.1 Eric Cloutier – Palimpsest 08.2 DXC - Sâu s?c 09.1 Kamera - Consignia (Truncate Remix) 09.2 Pearson Sound – XLB 10.1 Donato Dozzy - Quadra Sette 10.2 Glaskin - Ultra Deep Field 11.1 Taylor Deupree - Untitled (Marco Shuttle Remix) 11.2 Surgeon & James Ruskin - Sound Pressure Part 3 12 Isaac Reuben – Echo Pulse 13.1 Literon - Freak Frequency 13.2 Markus Suckut – Symbiosis 14 Tallmen785 - Gear Shift 15.1 Sciahri – Ambiguity 15.2 DXC – R?ng Ðông 16.1 Tessela - With Patsy 16.2 Wrecking Project - S-SONICS 16.3 Gunnar Haslam – Overcomplete 17.1 Scuba – Protean 17.2 Stenny - Consumer's Tool 18.1 Jonas Friedlich - Praise Your Name 18.2 Kloves – Eksibit 19.1 kuf – Konflikt 19.2 Les Gammas - Guauanco (Cinematic Orchestra Remix) 19.3 Midland - Decompression Suite 19.4 Patrick Cowley – Uhura Fabric Records will release fabric 90 on October 21st, 2016.