Robert Hood announces new Floorplan LP made with his daughter

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  • Lyric Hood co-produced some of the tracks on Victorious, which comes out in June.
  • Robert Hood announces new Floorplan LP made with his daughter image
  • Robert Hood has made a new Floorplan album, Victorious, with his daughter Lyric. The Detroit techno producer has found major success in recent years with Floorplan, an alias he started in the late '90s for productions more funky and melodic than the minimalist techno he makes under his given name. He revived Floorplan in 2010 with a gospel-influenced flair, releasing a string of EPs leading up to 2013's well-received Paradise album. Now, hot on the heels of a new Robert Hood album on Dekmantel, he's returning to the Floorplan project for its second full-length. This time, however (and from here on out), Floorplan is a duo featuring Hood's daughter Lyric. She's been a staple at Hood's sets recently and has DJ'd with him too, and she co-produced some of the tracks on Victorious. A 12-inch single for "Music," which you can stream below, will precede the album on April 29th. Victorious will land in full on June 10th on Hood's own M-Plant label. For more on Hood and Lyric, check out Will Lynch's 2014 feature.
    Tracklist 01. Spin 02. Music 03. The Heavens & The Earth 04. Good Thang 05. He Can Save You 06. Mm Hm Hm 07. Ha Ya 08. Tell You No Lie 09. Push On 10. They Can Tell 11. Sun In The Sky M-Plant will release Victorious on June 10th, 2016.