Jeff Mills plans Exhibitionist 2

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  • The Detroit artist will follow up his lauded CD-DVD set from 2004 this September.
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  • Jeff Mills has a second Exhibitionist CD and DVD package on the way. Due out in September, Exhibitionist 2 comes 11 years on from the first edition. Mills spoke about the project in a recent interview with FACT, saying: "It's going to be very interesting. It still falls in the same line as the first Exhibitionist—it's an observation about the art form of DJing, but it's from a different perspective. We cover the art form in a very comprehensive way in the second one, so this probably will be the last one, but it really explains a lot about the mindset and the concepts and the procedure of how a DJ does what he does." The full Exhibitionist 2 CD and DVD release will be preceded by a four-track 12-inch titled Exhibitionist 2-Part 1, due out next month on Axis Records. You can listen to samples over at the FIT Distribution website. Even by Mills's standards, 2015 has been a remarkably busy year: he's released a live album with classical pianist Mikhaïl Rudy, announced a show in London with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, put out the triple-CD Woman In The Moon soundtrack and issued a USB album called Proxima Centauri. Tracklist 01. Signals To Atomic One 02. A-B 03. Spiralism 04. Optic Axis Records will release Exhibitionist 2 - Part 1 on June 15th, 2015. Exhibitionist 2 will follow in September.