RA Ibiza Weekly: tINI, Beach venues

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  • The column has a beach theme this week, as we look at some of the best ways to enjoy the miles of the island's golden coastline.
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  • Leaving clubbing aside, Ibiza is all about sun, sea and sand. This week we talk to tINI about her weekly residency at Sirocco and take a close look at some of the island's top beach spots. We also found time to look at the small matter of the 2013 Paradise opening party. Interview: tINI Photo credit: Tasya Menaker Tell me about your relationship with Ibiza. How far back does it go? I first came here in 2002. My best friend at the time brought me to the island and I fell in love with it right away. It had a special spirit to it, especially at that time. It was really magical to finally experience for myself first-hand what I had always heard so much about. I was constantly being told to go, but it took me ages to actually get here. I came for the openings: I went to the Space terrace, to DC-10 and I also saw Es Vedra and the quieter parts. After that I didn't come for quite a few years and then more recently it's become a second home. I spend more time here than I do in Berlin, where I own a flat. When you came in 2002 were you already DJing? No, not really. I was about to start but on a much more amateur scale than it is now; just for fun, at home. I would have never thought that one day I'd be back in Ibiza with my own weekly party and playing at all of the clubs that I went to as a normal raver. It's crazy; everything is possible. Let's talk about tINI & the gang. It started in Ushuaia in 2010? Yes, in the old Ushuaia, which is now La Plage de L'Elephant. It's all tied in with my relationship with Fuse and Enzo [Siragusa] in London because they took me to a Fuse party they had in the old Ushuaia and I played there. The owner really liked me and I instantly felt really comfortable there. My friend arranged it so that I could throw my own party there, which took a little time, but eventually came together. I nearly fell off my chair when I was told the news. It started pretty late that summer, in August I think, and we had some amazing lineups for a free party. Magda, Tobi Neumann, Audiofly and the Desolat crew all played—we had [Loco] Dice at the closing. It got off to a really great start and I think it stayed with people. Although saying that, the season after we took a break until in 2012 we found Sirocco Beach and made it our new home. And I'm very happy with this place. Have you made many changes to the party this year? The biggest change is that we have more DJs, and we start a little earlier. I want to give a lot of my friends and upcoming artists the chance to play so I made sure I could fit in as many acts as possible. Besides this, we didn't change much. It's still a free party and the Desolat crew will still hold a big presence. Oh actually, we did change the DJ booth. I like the idea of spinning from a wooden hut. You mention you've invited a lot of lesser known artists to join you. Looking at the likes of Patrick Grooves, Carola Pisaturo, Tonio Barrientos, Janina, are these DJs and producers that have struck a chord with you over the years? They all have different stories. Patrick Grooves is a friend from New York who's a great DJ. He told me he was going to be on the island and I spied the possibility to give someone from the US the chance to play in Ibiza, which is pretty hard when you're not involved in the European scene. Carola Pisaturo is working closely with Davide Squillace on his label This And That, she's had a lot of great releases actually. The latest one I really like and I've known her for a long time—and she's an amazing DJ. Janina is a resident at Club de Visionaire in Berlin, another great DJ, and I'm always keen to support any female artists. She's also a very good person, which is important for me. I need these people to be my friends, to trust them. I wasn't just going to go for names; every single person I booked I have a relationship with. Tonio Barrientos is a really special choice because it all started with him in Munich. He discovered me, gave me my first opportunities and let me play the clubs where I'd go on to meet Tom [Preuss] and [Loco] Dice. It's nice to be able to give him something back after all these years. It's a very handpicked selection of people that I want to have around me. Music-wise, and I suppose this goes for Loco Dice at Ushuaia, too, do you not find your deep, percussive sound a bit out of sorts with the idea of an open-air beach party? Not at all. Yes, this music suits clubs but playing outside isn't actually all that different. Also, by the time I play it's already nightfall. Regardless though, this sound works really well here. You only have to judge the reactions of the people from past years to see how well it's received. Like you say, people are more used to hearing a sunnier, housier sound at the beach, but why not try something new? The atmosphere you can create with these kinds of records when the sun goes down and the moon comes out is unique. A very special vibe is created. As well as your party, in the coming months you're playing for Carl Cox, Loco Dice, Jamie Jones, Enzo at Fuse and you just played for Marco Carola at Amnesia. Is this busiest summer to date? I'd say so. I have around 30 gigs in Ibiza and I love that I'm getting to play all over the island. I can't wait to play DC-10 for the first time. I'm happy to be such a free DJ because usually you get stuck in a certain group and trapped in politics, so it makes a nice change. Enzo and I are going to do our own swap: he's doing a tINI & the gang takeover and I'm going to do the same at Sankeys. We had this idea before I ever heard about all these swaps on the island! I like the fact that we start the party here and then Enzo continues it until the early hours. And then straight to Loco Dice on Thursday... [Laughs] Exactly. Beach venues Beach bars, clubs and restaurants represent a refreshing alternative to the dark, sweaty nightspots that characterise the rest of Ibiza. Whether to enjoy a meal, a drink or a set from one of your favourite DJs, seaside hangouts are an integral part of the island experience. Below, we round up three of our must-see venues. Sirocco Beach Photo credit: Tasya Menaker Famous for its weekly Wednesday party hosted by tINI and her gang, this inviting, loungy space is a bar and restaurant the rest of the week. The food is fresh, moderately priced and Italian, and the music is usually laidback, with DJ Pippi regularly spinning chill-out sounds. After a last minute move from Santos, Six Degrees will throw a series of four monthly parties on Sundays. German producer SIS will play every one, joined by residents Francisco Allendes, Paola Poletto and Alex Kennon. The best thing about Sirocco? While only a short walk down the beach from Ushuaia, the calm surroundings and friendly staff will make you feel like you're a hundred miles from the hustle and bustle of Playa d'en Bossa. Sands Photo credit: Tasya Menaker Part owned by Carl Cox, Sands lies just south of Ushuaia. For 2013, they've had a little revamp: There's a new head-chef in Tim Payne and as a result a new menu, which will aim to source as much as possible from the island (85% of the menu comes directly from Ibiza). There's also a new front-of-house team, a new manager and plenty of parties to accompany the fresh produce and Funktion One sound. Carl Cox will host three or four events, with the next one planned for his birthday on July 18th. Keeping to the homegrown theme, Ibiza Sonica radio will run a 100% Ibiza party on Mondays, bringing together local DJs and locally produced beats. As ever, keep your ear close to the ground for the occasional impromptu appearance from one of Cox's superstar mates. Experimental Photo credit: Tasya Menaker With several bars in Paris and restaurants in London and New York, this Montpellier-founded chain has marked out Ibiza's isolated Cap des Falco in Salinas for its newest project. As of May 1st, visitors have been enjoying premium crafted cocktails (made with high-end spirits, homemade juices and syrups) and locally sourced food with breath-taking views of Es Vedra. Music-wise, it offers something of a less pumping alternative to the rest of the island, with live music on Wednesdays and Fridays and a DJ spinning easy-going tunes on Saturday and Sunday. Rumour has it, however, that certain close musician friends of the owners may drop by at some point. Don't be surprised if Cassius roll through in mid-July, and there's even been talk of a certain pair of robots showing their faces at some stage this summer. Reviews Luciano & Friends at Ushuaïa Beach Club Photo credit: Ushuaia After a successful first year heading up two parties, Luciano returns in 2013 with Vagabundos and Luciano & Friends at Booom! (formerly Bomba) and Ushuaia respectively. Given Sasha's move to the neighbouring Tower, the Cadenza boss stands as the heavyweight beach club's main underground attraction this year. That said, the arrival of Pete Tong and Loco Dice to the venue represent strong competition, potentially threatening Luciano's continued dominance. Having opened last week to a packed crowd, friends Mike Shannon and Franco Cinelli were invited to spin as part of week two's festivities. Laying down solid beats to a sparse early evening floor, Shannon did his best to the party's many toe-tapping bar dwellers moving. Rather than simply take over, Argentine Cinelli joined Shannon in an impromptu back-to-back, instantly pushing things in a sunnier direction. As the headline slot approached, Shannon left Cinelli to close out the warm up with some tougher selections, prepping the audience for the high-octane thrust of what was to come. Using nothing but a laptop, mixer and Traktor F1 controller, Luciano rapidly moved between heavy percussive beats, chiming melodies and big-room fare. As Nina Simone's "I'm Feeling Good" vocal drifted out towards the now-throbbing crowd, one felt confident that the Luciano still commands the following that has so far stood him in such good stead. tINI & the gang at Sirocco Beach Club Photo credit: Tasya Menaker Occupying top spot in the pile of second-tier parties in Ibiza is tINI's free beach soiree at Sirocco. Desolat's first lady is fast becoming one of the most talked about names on the island, with a DJ style that has resulted in summer 2013 bookings for Used + Abused, Paradise, Music On, Fuse, Cocoon and Carl Cox's The Party Unites. Her tINI & the gang event looks to offer a cheap, lighter alternative to the standard clubbing fare, while still maintaining a focus on top quality underground sounds. As the sun set over Playa d'en Bossa, a UK-heavy crowd (tINI & the gang has become the unofficial pre-party for Fuse at Sankeys) bounced to the rolling techno of Swiss duo Mountain People. There was a relaxed air to the event that felt refreshing, with revellers equally happy to tap their feet in the sand and talk to friends as dance by the wooden DJ booth. Seemingly happiest and most relaxed of all was tINI, who picked up the energy instantly with a steady stream of groovy, vocal-laden tracks. The seductive tones of Erykah Badu's "On & On" worked particularly well, as she hinted at moving things in a deeper direction, before settling on more accessible, infectious offerings. As the hostess took the time to personally thank everyone for coming, this felt like a party that could become an essential Wednesday evening stop-off. Jamie Jones presents Paradise opening at DC-10 Photo credit: Tasya Menaker It wouldn't have taken much to predict that Jamie Jones' Paradise venture was going to be one of the success stories of summer 2012. The Welsh DJ timed his solo breakaway move to perfection, capitalising on the widespread, if largely UK-led, popularity of his Hot Creations imprint. As a DJ and label-owner today, however, Jones seems to have moved away from the poppy, bass-heavy sound that came to define him, moving back to the tougher, groovier output that first put him on the map. One only has to look at the names on the bill for this year's Paradise residency—Joy Orbison, Michael Mayer, Richie Hawtin—to see that Jones is keen to expand his reach. Kieran Hebden, AKA Four Tet, is another of Jones' more leftfield bookings, chosen to join Tom Demac and Infinity Ink at the opening on Wednesday. Playing on a rotary mixer, Four Tet seemed unsure how to tailor his broad tastes to the Paradise crowd. As ever, he went eclectic, moving from glitchy electronica to '70s disco and through to safer options such as MD X Press's "God Made Me Funky." Performing live, Tom Demac instantly took the energy up several notches, manipulating various snare hits and rave synths to give his own show-stealing selections a dose of peak-time drive. It was uncomfortably busy in the Main Room as Jones took to the decks, and many punters were left dancing to the speakers in the Terrace. Something tells me Paradise's sophomore year is going to surpass even the most optimistic of pre-season predictions. This week in pictures Photo credit: Roberto Castano Used + Abused at Ushuaia Beach Club True to Loco Dice's hip-hop roots, breakdancers give it a whirl at Used + Abused last week. Photo credit: Roberto Castano ANTS at Ushuaia Beach Club Uner performs in front of a colony of dancing insects at Ushuaia's in-house event. Photo credit: Gabriel Vasquez Elrow at Vista Club Laurent Garnier headlined the intergalactic-themed party on Saturday night, which came complete with a flying ET. Photo credit: Tasya Menaker Circoloco Lifestyle at DC-10 Laura Jones takes it to the Main Room on a night that also featured Soul Clap, Maceo Plex and Peter Dundov. Photo credit: Tasya Menaker Get Physical On Ibiza at Vista Club Philip from M.A.N.D.Y. shows his softer side during week three of the Get Physical residency at Vista Club. Photo credit: Phrank.net Cocoon at Amnesia Ricardo Villalobos gets deep as he plays all night long in the Terrace in the early hours of Tuesday morning.