Nonplus announce Think and Change

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  • The five-piece vinyl box set features exclusive tracks from Joy O, Pearson Sound and Four Tet.
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  • Nonplus have revealed details for their upcoming label compilation, Think and Change. Nonplus was founded in 2009 by Al Green (AKA Boddika) and Damon Kirkham (AKA Jon Convex), who at the time made records together under the name Instra:mental. These days Green runs the label by himself, though he's kept its original aesthetic very much intact, bringing together various kinds of club sounds under one umbrella. Think and Change sums up the Nonplus ethos, with UK acts such as Pearson Sound, SCB and Four Tet bumping elbows with the likes of Martyn and Kassem Mosse. Joy Orbison delivers a track that's already been making the rounds in clubs for months: the Hard Wax-referencing "Big Room Tech House Dj Tool - TIP!" We recently caught up with Green via email to find out more about the compilation and Nonplus in general:
    Have the overarching goals or ideals of Nonplus changed at all since you started out? To be honest, I don't think they have. I always saw the label as a platform to release electronic music on, regardless of genre. It's a very personal project to me, and I'm honoured to have worked with all the artists that have released with me to date. What was the aim with Think and Change? Since I started running the label myself, I felt that I wanted to do something special with it, something that hadn't been done with Nonplus before and a compilation seemed like the perfect thing to do. I wanted to pull in original tracks from artists I'd already worked with (Kassem Mosse, Lowtec, Endian, Basic Soul Unit) and also bring in some new faces (Four Tet, Joy Orbison, Pearson Sound, Martyn) and over the last year I've been piecing it together and making it happen. Are there characteristics you think the artists on the compilation share? Is there an aesthetic or an approach that binds them? It was important to me to keep a strong UK presence on there because I'm proud of my roots. Growing up listening to early hardcore, jungle and electronic music from the UK... And at the same time reach out to people like the Workshop guys again because I have so much respect for what they do and have done in terms of the label and their music. I remember when I first contacted Kassem Mosse and asked if he'd write a 12-inch for the label, it meant a lot to me that he did, and I'm glad him and Lowtec have continued to work with me up to this day. Other than that, I feel the running order on the album works really well, a good diverse variation of music which has coherence throughout. Is there anything on there you're particularly pleased with? Would be hard for me to pick a favourite but I was very pleased to release an old Instra:mental & dBridge piece on there—a track called "White Snares." We always liked it, but for some reason it never got a release, so I'm happy to have those two artists' names on the label again, especially as they were the artists who kicked the label off originally. Other than that, I'm just happy with the whole thing and so happy to be working with artists that I have so much respect for... I couldn't ask for much more.
    Think and Change will be released as a five-piece vinyl box set limited to 1,000 copies (complete with a download voucher), preceded two weeks earlier by a pair of vinyl samplers. All five 12-inches from the box set will also be released individually. Tracklist Think and Change A Boddika & Joy Orbison - &Fate B Lowtec - The Rhythm C Four Tet - For These Times D Boddika - Beats Me E Pearson Sound - Quiver F Endian - Straight Intention G Joy Orbison - Big Room Tech House Dj Tool - TIP! H Kassem Mosse - IP Mirrors I Instra:mental & dBridge - White Snares J Martyn - Bad Chicago Sampler 1 A Boddika & Joy Orbison - Mercy (Boddika's VIP) AA Kassem Mosse - Broken Patterns Sampler 2 A SCB - Dissipate AA Basic Soul Unit - Untoward NonPlus+ will release Think and Change on February 25th, 2013.