Illegal Alien Records



  • Illegal Alien Records is a Mexican record label of Electronic music focus on Techno, Electronica, Experimental and Ambient. Born in 2007 in Florida, USA, founded by Ricardo Garduno. The name ‘Illegal Alien’ was adopted because that was the status granted by the US government to Ricardo Garduno when he lived in the United States. At that time all the immigrants who entered the country illegally were denominated like that. As a result of this, the rights of all illegal immigrants were limited or nulled in many cases. So, awarding this name to the label is a way to remember those immigrants around the world, whose objectives by leaving their countries of origin is to work for a better life and to show that, regardless of the status that other social groups attribute to us, it is possible to reach objectives. Today the label, which initially started in foreign lands as an individual project, is now based in Mexico and has a digital platform, which has counted with the participation of stablished and upcoming artists, on the other hand, the label has the platform ILLEGAL ALIEN LTD, focused on Vinyl 12, 10 and 7-inch format and the publishing of CD and Cassette editions, up to date with 30 references and a growing catalogue and also the ILLEGAL ALIEN BLACK LABEL platform, whose proposal is characterized by presenting a raw and distorted sound which is also publish on Physical and Digital formats. It is worth mentioning that during more then 16 years the processes and changes within the label have been diverse. Musicalizing over a decade means practically facing a generational change and with it many challenges related to an audiovisual identity. The work has been hard, which has allowe