Cosmic Kids - Reginald's Groove

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  • Watch the low-key video for "Reginald's Groove," and you might feel a twinge of envy. It's basically just footage of Los Angeles' Cosmic Kids (Ron Poznansky and Dan Terndrup) and their buddies fooling around. House parties, night drives, backyard swimming pools, modular synths, BMX ramps, fireworks, sunrise on Sunset Boulevard—the living looks pretty easy. "Reginald's Groove," their debut single, feels equally effortless. Bright, ballooning chords bob over needle-nosed disco loops, with perky synth counterpoints and a dogged funk bass to drive things forward. The looped vocal (which might be "Don't you feel love," but it's hard to say) is vaguely reminiscent to some of the Hot Natured stuff, but the Cosmic Kids' production feels lusher. The only quibble would be with the synth solo, halfway through, that's almost dangerously detuned; fortunately, it never quite oversteps the bounds of good taste. The three remixes stick pretty close to the source, offering modest variations. Juan MacLean takes the rock-tumbler approach, tossing vocal loops and bright, hard piano chords into a colorful churn; more prosaically, it's the 118 BPM version of a peak-time banger. Throne of Blood's Bicep goes for a more muted vibe, with deep, swirling pads, frothing ride cymbals and oodles of reverb; a bright, bubbling acid line gives the tune's latter half some added oomph. LA's Classixx round out the set with what might be the best of the remixes, a killer piano house distillation that's tougher and more stripped-down than the original, but every bit as bliss-inducing.
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      A1 Reginald's Groove A 2 Reginald's Groove (Juan Maclean Remix) B1 Reginald's Groove (Classixx Remix) B2 Reginald's Groove (Bicep Remix)