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  • Throne of Blood Records started in Dec 2006 as a joint venture between The Rapture and NYC-based DJ, James [email protected]#$%^Friedman. Initially created as a venue for releasing remix singles off The Raptures 2006 album Pieces of the People We Love, Throne of Blood has grown into globe-spanning crew of forward-thinking artists with no allegiance to any particular scene or sound. From jacking house to the most blissed-out ambient, Throne of Blood has become a go-to for the heads, a just-under-the-radar source for slightly offkilter party jams and after-hours vibes. Over the last eight years, Throne of Blood has cultivated a diverse crew of producers, from phenomenons like Bicep and Daniel Avery to rising talents like Cosmic Kids and Populette as well as established players like Mugwump, DJ Chloe, and Hardway Bros. Other releases have featured Zombi, John Selway, AKA JK, Harkin & Raney, OneAuff, Eamon Harkin, Ford Inc, Saarid, Clouded Vision, Luv* Jam, NYCPartyInfo, Call Super, Waze & Odyssey, Split Secs, Brioski, Remain & Mlle Caro, Pleasure Planet, Bohemian Groove, Pink Skull, PBR Streetgang, Ulysses, Beat Pharmacy/Brendon Moeller, Curses, DJ Druzz, Pixelife, Monty Luke, Carter Bros, Jokers of the Scene and many more. 2014 has seen Throne continue to grow and mature. Sister label Let's Play House is now a staple source for house bangers from Jacques Renault, Urulu, Fantastic Man and many more. Our ambient series, Moon Rock is cementing itself as a visionary compendium of vibe-heavy ambient, and a collaboration with Adam Marshall's New Kanada imprint has brought the Jokers of the Scene's End Scene LP into the world backed by 11 original videos made by TOB's own Pixelife. Upcoming releases from The Rapture's Vito & Druzzi, Hardway Bros, Richard Norris, Luca Lozano & Mister Ho, Nautiluss & Vin Sol, and Pixelife will keep the fire burning with plenty more in store for 2015 and beyond.