Luke Calzonetti - Banal Like Furniture

  • Loose, sprawling and oddball techno released via Web3 from the artist otherwise known as Run Dust.
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  • It feels remiss to talk about "Banal Like Furniture" without mentioning that it was released via the artist-led blockchain platform Nina, but the track is more than just its novel format. The sprawling, ten-minute jam is one of the most distinctive tunes yet from the Brussels producer (previously known as Run Dust, and with a history in grindcore and metal), starting off with a plink-plonk rhythm and slowly building with head-turning, sometimes queasy sounds. It all feels three-dimensional but woozy, the aural equivalent of beer goggles, as uncanny valley voices mutter unintelligible phrases. It's a little bit techno, a little bit dub and a whole lot of weird, a distinctive way to help launch a platform as potentially promising as Nina.