Nina is a new Web3 infrastructure designed to solve 'inequity and opportunism in the music industry'

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  • The new, Solana-based music streamer and marketplace launched last week.
  • Nina is a new Web3 infrastructure designed to solve 'inequity and opportunism in the music industry' image
  • A new music streaming site and marketplace, Nina, has launched with 20 initial tracks. Nina is described as a "new infrastructure to buy, sell and stream music online... designed to solve inequity and opportunism in the music industry by providing a new model that doesn't syphon revenue from artists." After a one-time transaction fee, artists can upload permanent releases to the blockchain-based platform and determine the price, edition size and resale percentage. Releases can also be sold on the secondary market at a price determined by the owner. On the resale market, owners will receive their predetermined percentage while Nina will receive a 1.5 percent commission, paid for by the seller. Nina is built on the decentralized blockchain Solana. (A Solana wallet is needed to make purchases.) The initial launch includes tracks by Lauer, Container, Gobby, Georgia, Wilted Woman, Bergsonist, Helm, Nick Malkin and more. You can stream and buy all Nina releases here. "Everyone involved has been part of the underground music scene for the past 15 years or so," Jack Callahan, part of a team of three that includes Mike Pollard and Eric Farber, told Resident Advisor. "So we all approached this from a mutual understanding that independent musicians have a lot of difficulty making any money from their music." Nina is an open-source protocol that could theoretically be replicated in a number of contexts. For the time being, the selection of music on Nina is limited, mostly drawing from the experimental and dance music worlds. Access to the upload page can be requested via this form.