PT Musik - Aplausos

  • Príncipe gets laid-back on one of the Lisbon label's prettiest records.
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  • The artist once known as Puto Tito certainly sounds different since his last outing on Príncipe, trading frenetic funk for a sound more in line with DJ Lycox's kizomba lullabies from last year. Sinking into the opening track "Aplausos" is a bit like lowering yourself into a hot tub, with wide, patient pads buffering a leisurely but undeniably swinging rhythm. The melodies are world-weary, as lived-in and comforting as dog-eared page corners, which lends "Aplausos"—and the rest of the EP—a calming energy, as the Lisbon label continues to explore the outer reaches of its sound with increasingly lovely results.
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