DJ Lycox - Kizas do Ly

  • Floating kizomba from one of Princípe's finest.
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  • DJ Lycox is one of the most notable members of Lisbon's Princípe label, despite having only released one record back in 2017. But what a record: Sonhos & Pesadelos approached the Lisbon sound with an elegant swing, ornate synths and an ear for regal melodies. Almost four years later, Lycox returns with a four-track record that makes an even bigger statement than its ten-track predecessor. Kizas do Ly is downright pretty. It's inspired by a romantic, gentler dance style called kizomba, though you might compare its light, hollow textures to '80s Japanese music or New Age. Lycox has his own sound, like an ensemble of MIDI musicians all locked in together. Just listen to the fibreglass synth strings on "Jam," which have a folksy lilt. Though your mind might also be drawn to "Jam"s' ambling beat, gorgeous chords or wandering, dub-inspired bassline. There are many things going on at once, but the music is as laid-back as a stroll through the park. A lot of this is hard to even classify as dance music. "Babygirl" is more of a ballad or a lullaby, with its gentle drums and pan flutes. "Hábitos" pairs brash, wobbly club sounds with swaying drums and another poignant string melody. Lycox's melodies tell stories without words, like a kind of folk music rooted in the electronic and dance traditions around him. Princípe has spent the last decade tracking all the ways Lisbon's bustling club scene has refracted kuduro and other regional sounds. No one has made it sound as gentle and lovely as Lycox.
  • Tracklist
      01. Jam 02. Red Lights 03. Babygirl 04. Hábitos