Desert Sound Colony - The Bruce

  • Desert Sound Colony continues a streak of twitchy bass tracks.
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  • Holding Hands label boss Desert Sound Colony produces records that tap deep into the traditions of British bass culture. My pick on his latest EP, The Bruce, are "The Ventus" and "Mega Globule." The former is a percussive roller with whining rave stabs, while the latter is a stumbling garage track complete with a hardcore vocal throwback. Both tracks share a paranoid unease with their sparse, minor key melodies. The Desert Sound Colony project started out, as Carlos Hawthorn noted, "somewhere between Caribou, Bob Moses and War Paint." We are a far cry from those sounds on this record, which seems to display a newfound confidence. This release is defined by its airiness. Not in terms of sonic elements (the gravity of the bass is as delicate as molten lava), but in terms of design. Each element is allowed to stand on its own, making the whole record a breath of fresh air.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Bruce A2 The Ventus B1 Mega Globule B2 Pompey Cruiser