Ivan Iacobucci - Egoystem

  • Fresh from a slick record on Perlon, the Italian artist returns with four swung, offbeat house tracks.
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  • In a recent interview, Ivan Iacobucci discussed how people in the early '10s kept describing his career as ormai, an Italian idiom describing someone whose "moment had passed." His latest EP for the Italian label Yay, however, suggests the 50-year-old producer is stretching his legs for another act. "80MB" is built around a meaty kick and pattering snares offset by a rumbling bassline. Duelling synths, the occasional intrusion of 303 squelches and orchestral chords provide a distinctly Rocky II vibe as Iacobucci bounces off the ropes. The other tracks, slightly less memorable, are variations on last year's Perlon release that could be slotted into sets by any DJ on that label's roster. Iacobucci has been DJing since he was 13, and that seasoned intuition is on full display. These are loopy, swung tracks that could soundtrack the sunrise at some exotic festival (and probably receive an enthusiastic posting to a Track ID Facebook group). "Farout" and "Egosystem" manage to feel citational while also sounding fresh. "Farout" uses a strangled squelch buried in the loop to reference microhouse, while "Egosystem" pulls a similar trick with a broken piano refrain. The bass on both tracks, however, is menacing enough to remind you we haven't returned to the halcyon days of the early '00s.
  • Tracklist
      A1 80MB A2 Pata-track B1 Farout B2 Egosystem