Ivan Iacobucci - Logic Solution

  • Abstract minimal house loaded with character.
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  • Perlon is one of dance music's most distinctive labels partly thanks to a contradiction: a musical approach that seems both conservative and open-ended. You can do a lot within its established sound—slippery hi-hats, swung drum patterns, abstract melodies or vocals—and its best releases have a colourful vibrancy that complements its minimal grooves. It's always exciting to see where a new artist will take the sound. Ivan Iacobucci isn't a new artist—his first release came out in 1990—but he's new to Perlon. "Logic Solution" has a groove that feels so perfectly wonky and off-kilter. (A colleague described it as "some judo shit.") Pads surface like condensation on glass, and the drums pitter-patter with a jazz sensibility. There's swing in the drums and the melodies pile up in weird, unpredictable ways. It is both impossibly subtle and exciting. In other words, it's a perfect Perlon track. The other three tunes aren't as knock-you-over-the-head brilliant, but there's plenty to like. Iacobucci touches on electro on "Magic Tribulation," whose fitful rhythm would mix nicely with garage. "Android" features big, crispy handclaps that snap you to attention, while "Platinum Tooth"'s bassline sounds like it's trying to escape the track. If this sounds like a lot, it is. But it's also groovy, which is what keeps Perlon at the top of the house music heap after so many years.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Logic Solution A2 Platinum Booth B1 Magic Tribulation B2 Android