Finn & India - H.U.R.L / F.U.R.L

  • Two on-form producers closed out 2019 with glistening club tracks.
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  • Local Action's final release of the '10s united two artists, Finn and India Jordan, who spent most of them DJing together. The feeling of comfort that comes with working with someone so closely could be what makes this single so enjoyable. Finn's finesse for chopped vocal samples meshes with Jordan's warped, atmospheric synths for two crisp tracks that feel like a brisk winter morning breeze. Neither "H.U.R.L" nor "F.U.R.L" are flat out raging, but they don't need to be. Finn and Jordan have already conquered that this year. Weightless riffs intertwine with pulses of UK rave, and there's a winding synth on the second track that gets as close to shining as you can with sound. (I imagine it's the noise light might make when twisting and reflecting through a prism.) For two producers who spent 2019 on dance floors, H.U.R.L / F.U.R.L finds them floating in the air above them.
  • Tracklist
      01. H.U.R.L 02. F.U.R.L