• A thrilling debut inspired by trance, rave and warehouse tapes.
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  • I. JORDAN's taste for rave was sparked by a Ministry Of Sound trance compilation and their cousin's fuzzy tape recordings from Doncaster Warehouse. Having cut their teeth playing at Local Action parties, it's fitting that the South London label is home to their debut EP, the five-track DNT STP MY LV. On New Year's Eve, fellow Local Action artist Finn threw a party at Manchester's Soup Kitchen. I. JORDAN played at 1:30 AM, dropping a thrilling 50-minute set of hands-in-the-air bangers. The EP's opening tracks—the title track and "DN4," named after I. JORDAN's childhood postcode—fit seamlessly into their peak-time set, one they've since said was the best they played in the last year. "DNT STP MY LV" is a sun-kissed anthem, with a soulful vocal sample from Kashif's 1983 track "Don't Stop My Love" layered over buoyant synths and a bassline that kicks progressively harder. Produced in the lead-up to Finn's NYE bash, "DN4" is a hot-headed, breakneck homage to hardcore and jungle. "Through Lacuna" and "Leaving Stanley" also echo the ambient label and "music social," New Atlantis, that I. JORDAN runs with Deadboy. "Through Lacuna," written during a tough period, feels like a deep restorative breath, with watery synths and weightless breaks, while "Leaving Stanley" is a nod to the trance mixes of their formative years. The EP closes on a moodier note with the Cork producer ELLLL's turbulent, sub-heavy twist on "Through Lacuna." DNT STP MY LV is an exciting debut, showcasing I. JORDAN's broad tastes and potential as a producer. Update, June 20th, 2023: This piece has been updated with I. JORDAN's new artist name.
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      01. DNT STP MY LV 02. DN4 03. Through Lacuna 04. Leaving Stanley 05. Through Lacuna (ELLLL Remix)