Sis - Nesrib (2019 Remaster)

  • A minimal hit (and Diplo favourite) is reissued.
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  • To those who weren't around in 2008, "Nesrib" might seem like an unlikely minimal house anthem. In hindsight, it doesn't have a lot of what we associate with the style. The kick drum sounds like it's trying to punch through the onionskin scaffolding around it, while Sis, AKA Burak Sar, delivers vocal samples with the flamboyance of a Broadway troupe. Sar's breakout track was louder and more gregarious than most. "Nesrib" was the first major hit on Cécille, a Mannheim label run by Nick Curly and Marc Scholl that became known for blending detail-oriented minimal with deep house. Its best tracks were deliriously loopy and ultra-tight, scoring major hits in "Nesrib," Sebo K & Metro's "Saxtrack" and Butch's colossal "No Worries." The label was a fast success and helped define the shift from microhouse to tech house, but it only lasted for seven years before Curly and Scholl felt they had lost control and pulled the plug. They're bringing Cécille back, starting with a remaster of "Nesrib" and a new remix from Archie Hamilton. This reissue sheds light on a label that hasn't yet had the kind of critical reevaluation that others in the minimal scene have received. (To give you an idea of how big "Nesrib" was, Diplo named it one of his favourite tracks in 2009.) The exuberant vocals and the snappy kick drum could make "Nesrib" a hit all over again on 2019 dance floors. Archie Hamilton's "Nose Rub" remix, however, is not made for those dance floors. The London DJ, who represents a modern iteration of the loopy Cécille sound, turns "Nesrib" into a middling roller replete with an unimaginative zig-zagging bassline that he could have picked up off the Hot Creations cutting room floor. Sis's unmistakable vocal chopping makes it salvageable, but you might as well reach for the remastered original, whose brilliant arrangement and exuberant joy transcends eras and genres.
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      01. Nesrib 02. Nesrib (Archie Hamilton's Nose Rub)