Floating Points - Anasickmodular

  • Who knew Sam Shepherd could sound this twisted?
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  • Sam Shepherd's final single before the release of his new album, Crush, feels like a distillation of his decade-long career and the charting of a new direction. The first half of "Anasickmodular" sticks to familiar 2-step, jazzy keyboards and rising synths. Syncopated kicks and what sounds like a droning saxophone keep the pressure up until an elegant drop casts everything in sunny bass. It's an ecstasy-inducing moment, rivalling even the cosmic shimmer of 2009's "Vacuum Boogie," but Shepherd has an unexpected trick up his sleeve. He strips the track to its skeletal, rhythmic core only to disfigure it further with glitchy micro-loops and scrawling noise. Who knew Shepherd's usually radiant electronics could be twisted into such shapes?
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      01. Anasickmodular