Deniro - Monsoon

  • Deep, psychedelic tools for smart techno DJs.
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  • With a name like Reynier Hooft van Huysduynen, you'd expect Deniro's techno to sound regal. And true to his birth name, part of which roughly translates to "from the house of dunes," it does. His tunnelling style was famously picked up by Nina Kraviz for her Trip label for a sought-after double EP in 2017 that's still his best-known record. Monsoon, his latest EP, is deeper and more streamlined, swapping jacking drums and acid lines for soft tones and gentle basslines. The sound is psychedelic, the kind of stuff you'd hear in a Donato Dozzy or Peter Van Hoesen set, best deployed with lengthy transitions deep into a party. (François X recently nailed this icy sound, too.) "Monsoon 1" and "Monsoon 3" are the dreamiest tracks, more afterhours than peak-time. And where the percussive "Monsoon 2" kicks, "Monsoon 4" burrows into your brain with Tolkachev-style bleeps. For an EP of DJ tools, Monsoon is particularly well-rounded, which explains why it's a hit with DJs.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Monsoon 1 A2 Monsoon 2 B1 Monsoon 3 B2 Monsoon 4