François X - Murky Dreams

  • Deep, twisted techno.
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  • Murky Dreams is the first release on DEMENT3D XXX, a new DEMENT3D sub-label focussed on techno's weirder strains. The crew's cofounder François X launches the venture with four psychedelic tracks that skew closer to house than their usual sound, making this release a great option for DJs who prefer to trip out, not bludgeon, dance floors. Best of all is the chugging title track, which you can imagine, say, Marcel Dettmann deploying deep into some afterhours set, the perfect situation for its shimmering synth lead and humming midrange. It's not an unexpected sound from DEMENT3D, an operation that has always showcased techno's psychedelic potential. The other three tracks are deeper. "Quantum Love" has flecks of classic UK tech house in its bleeps and whirs, but its beefed-up kick makes it suitable for big rooms. "Slower Than Ever" drops to deep house tempo, though its plodding percussion could have used more flair. That leaves "Stargaze," the EP's most abstract and melodic track. This time the mood is melancholy and the beat is broken, so it will take a smart DJ to make it work. Luckily, thanks to their consistent focus on subtlety, labels like DEMENT3D attract some of the smartest around.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Murky Dreams A2 Slower Than Ever B1 Stargaze B2 Quantum Love