• Physical Therapy and Ambivalent deliver four straightforward techno tunes.
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  • Everything about the first record from PTA is straightforward. Even the name is just a combination of the two producers involved, Physical Therapy and Ambivalent. PTA1 is focused, looking back to the '90s for a techno EP that doesn't try to do anything other than jack. "02" is built around a vocal sound that could be coughing or grunting, slathered in echo. It doesn't need much else to be effective. The "01" and "04" bash out repetitive chords that fix your attention in different ways. On "04," they're off-centre, while on "01" the melody becomes anthemic through sheer repetition. "03" is the odd one out, sounding as dubbed-out and percussive as something The Corner's founder, Anthony Parasole, might have released a few years ago. Snare rolls threaten to push it over the top, but they always dissipate into a cloud of delay effects, soldiering on for another few bars.
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      A1 01 A2 02 B1 03 B2 04