Various - Bloodlines

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  • Anthony Parasole's music may be New York in character, but he's an international concern these days, gracing techno bills across the Western world. Consciously or not, this is reflected in the latest release on his label, which draws (blood)lines from Parasole's humble corner of the Big Apple to the parched post-punk stylings of Silent Servant on the West Coast, and east to Ostgun Ton, Parasole's home away from home, and its poster-boy Marcel Dettmann. The result is a satisfying three-tracker that both cleaves to and invigorates The Corner's rugged aesthetic. At first glance Dettmann's "Take One" seems straight-up nasty, its dissonant chords chafing against the groove like a pumice stone on tender skin. Listen closer, though, and you'll realise that ugly downpitched voice is reciting a gas and electricity supplier's advertisement, just the sort of cheeky non-sequitur that seems at home on the Corner. Parasole's own "Intel" functions nicely as a partner piece. It's equally dry and irritable, and also deploys a voice, this time what sounds like a radio transmission played back on a shagged-out tape machine, the spools repeatedly jamming and releasing. Silent Servant's "Mechanics Of Emotion" is the odd one out, swapping scratchy machine funk for something darker and more richly textured. There's still a voice, but this time it's soused in delay and joined by a guitar, scraping and squealing dolefully in the middle distance. When a single synth line makes its entrance in the latter half, we're treated to a moment of real beauty in amongst the bleakness.
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      A1 Marcel Dettmann - Take One B1 Silent Servant - Mechanics Of Emotion B2 Anthony Parasole - Intel