Rex The Dog - Vortex

  • Effective electro chuggers for rooms big and small.
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  • Jake Williams knows his way around a banger. The producer of erstwhile rave anthems like "Son Of A Gun" and "You Belong To Me" as JX, he's recently been attempting to shake off the fun yet era-specific neon electro sound of his 2008 LP as Rex The Dog. With Vortex, he shows the transformation is well under way and confirms that last year's potent EP, Crasher, was no fluke. Like "Crasher," "Vortex" builds unhurriedly but purposefully. In less experienced hands, the Darth Vader-esque vocal might come off as cheesy, but Williams manipulates it into the right blend of menacing, silly and weird. There's a snaking synth that meanders across the track like rubber, along with another trick from "Crasher," a gradual wind-down and moment of complete silence before the spacey strings kick back in to thrilling effect. In the aptly named "Elektromekanik," fidgety, robotic FX give way to glowing synths in a manner more understated than "Vortex", yet nonetheless effective. Williams is in his best form in years. These tracks should both win him new fans and appease old ones.
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      A Vortex B Elektromekanik