Rex The Dog - Crasher

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  • As Rex The Dog, the British producer Jake Williams was red-hot in the mid-'00s, the period in which the project's first and only album dropped. And while Rex's brand of fluorescent tech house might have fallen out of fashion, this dog isn't too fussed about new tricks. Using his own custom-built modular synthesisers, Williams continues to release bold, squelchy, synth-led tracks at an unhurried pace, though his most recent on Kompakt sees him heading down a trancier path than usual, harking back to the sound of his JX alias. The title track, which could soundtrack a video game chase sequence, has a Teutonic stomp that leads into bleepy synths and, finally, a riff that reaches its blown-out climax about halfway in. "Hold It/Control It" is more typical Rex, with stuttered Chicago house-style voice samples, crunching synths, an ecstatic female vocal snippet and a retro-futuristic sheen. Like 2016's Teufelsberg, the EP is more immediate than the two Williams released in 2015, and while Crasher doesn't take off in quite the same way as his infectious early work, these are solid club tracks. Evolution is admirable, but so is continued variation on a signature sound.
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      A Crasher B Hold It/Control It