King Britt presents Sraddha - Believe EP

  • Deep, emotional house music.
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  • "With Rekids being 100% focused on releasing music for dance floors, I felt the need to create a new platform to explore a wider musical vision, and invite some of my all-time electronic musical heroes to be a part of the series." This is Matt Edwards, AKA Radio Slave, introducing Stranger In The Night, a new offshoot of his long-running label. It was only mildly strange, then, that Edwards began the label himself with an 11-minute, Underground Resistance-inspired electro track that could conceivably be played at peak-time in a club. The second release, from the veteran US artist King Britt, is also rooted in the dance floor, albeit one geared for gently swaying rather than fist-pumping. There's a bit of a circa-2011 Art Department vibe about "Believe," the record's opener. That's thanks to its low-slung mood, pitched-down vocal refrain and somewhat agitated synth line. Similar basic elements are used on the other two tracks, but Britt winds up in more sunlit surroundings. "Memories" is sweet and tentative, chugging forwards as its synth line explores the space around it. "You're All I Need" returns to the use of a vocal hook, which is paired with a palette of tender melodies. All three are nicely realised, their emotions conveyed quite convincingly, but they also don't live long in the memory, perhaps lacking the definition that would make them fully pop.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Believe A2 Believe (No Drums) B1 Memories B2 You're All I Need